Asfanil English Version

ASFANIL was specially designed for crude oil, asphalt and heavy grease removal, in any surface, such as piping, platforms, storage tanks, tanquers, machinery, etc., where crude oil, tar and asphalt have a difficult remotion.

It is a product that penetrates and removes crude oil, asphalt, tar and heavy grease, and as a consequence that critics and powerful emulsifiers are found in the formula, it can be achieve that, while in contact with water, crude oil, tar, asphalt and heavy grease can be dissolved in water, leaving surfaces complete clean.

Any deposit difficult to remove from tar, asphalt, crude oil or heavy grease, or hard dirt, may be dissolved with ASFANIL CITRUS, letting its removing and emulsification feature act for five minutes and cleaning afterwards with pressured water. It is safe to use.
Apply the concentrated product sprayed, damped or spilling it over the material to be removed. Let it penetrate for a few minutes and then clean with pressured water. In the same matter, vehicles in contact with asphalt or tar may be cleaned.
It also removes pitch from sprocket gear teeth, shovel handles, buckets, etc.




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